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The history of Vibram is deeply connected to its founder Vitale Bramani, a talented mountaineer of the Italian Alpine Club who invented the Vibram Carrarmato sole in 1937.

Vibram has been a world leader in the production of rubber soles for over 80 years. 


Vibram was a pioneer in the use of ecological materials, introducing ECO-STEP in 1994.
A compound made using processing wastes and virgin materials, reducing environmental impact by 30%. 

From that moment on it continued to do research and develop new compounds up to the last born, NO-OIL. A compound composed of 93% natural materials, which uses waste of mineral processing from a controlled supply chain as pigments.

Dress and Casual

Vibram is not just about the mountain, the dress and casual section carries out numerous projects in collaboration with the most important fashion houses on the market.

The high quality and reliability of our products combined with the great style research, offer a wide choice of products, both for sneakers and for the formal shoewear. 

Together we can create a product with a great design and a high technical content.


Vibram is the sports sole par excellence.

For over eighty years we have been developing specific soles for each sport, from climbing to horse riding, through trail running and cycling. The strength of a brand based on quality and research that sees the creation of more than 150 new sole designs each month.

This great effort leads to ever innovative products with very high performance. The nail design combined with compounds developed for the use on different terrains provide for an exceptional grip.