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A&E Gütermann is one of the most famous companies in the world for the production of yarns and sewing threads for footwear, leather goods and clothing. 


Leather is not only used for shoes, but also for clothing. A highly versatile material, but just as difficult to work as every seam must be perfect right from the first step.

What makes a garment special is the harmony that is created between the material used and the quality yarn, working together they are able to satisfy both technical and visual needs. 


A yarn created for sealing and decorative seams for footwear and leather goods. Our Tera continuous yarn, made of 100% polyester, has exceptional characteristics in terms of rubbing and abrasion, for resistant seams.

Its strength lies in its optimal elongation properties, which ensure a beautiful and even seam.


Mara rPET is a special sewing thread from A&E Gütermann made from 100% recycled polyester. The raw material for this eco-friendly yarn is obtained from recycled 100% PET beverage bottles. The collected PET bottles are washed in different stages, crushed into flakes and melted. The microfilaments obtained are the basis for the Mara rPET range of products made with our exclusive Micro Core Technology®.
Unlike conventional yarns, these high-tech threads offer complete uniformity, a silky sheen and low frizziness, as well as optimal sewing characteristics.