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Kyotex® is the innovative and ecological bonding system adopted by the main Italian and European manufacturers in the footwear and leather goods sectors for numerous applications, in particular for fixing the insole in footwear.

The Kyotex® system is based on the coupling of an innovative high-performance self-adhesive film, made by the KYO series machinery and of pairs of specific adhesive tapes for each support that needs bonding.

Characterized by great versatility and cleanliness, Kyotex System® allows for a higher quality and important production increases compared to traditional processes. 

The Machines

The machines of the KYO series (KYO 100, KYO 100S, KYO 101) meet all efficiency requirements.
They are in fact easy to use, do not require specialized personnel, the electronics are reliable, the adjustments are quick, start-up is immediate, maintenance is simplified and they express maximum efficiency both in continuous and off-line work. 


The range of patented Kyotex® adhesive tapes features different types of adhesive, formulated to maximize adhesion on a specific material and optimize performance according to the application. Thanks to the coupling of two complementary tapes, the adhesive is transferred perfectly contoured, without streaks, with maximum spreading uniformity. The tapes are wound on special spindles on which the coding is reported to allow traceability.

- laboratory tested
- 100% solid, solvent-free, with high adhesive power
- resistant to high temperatures, hypoallergenic, and breathable
- they glue most of the materials used in the footwear sector